SVBG Loaded With Food Export Inspiration

The 2022 mid-year meeting of the Swiss-Vietnamese Business Gateway was held at Nestlé’s food museum Alimentarium and dominated by food topics.

Vevey (SVBG) – The July 16 hybrid meeting convened all Switzerland-based executive members in the town of Vevey, where the world’s largest food manufacturer is seated throughout its 166-year history, and key SVBG’s Vietnam Representatives attending online from Ho Chi Minh City.

The meeting introduced three new members including Vietnam-based Legal Adviser – Mr ĐẶNG Thế Đức and two Switzerland-based junior executives – Mr Raffaele CAPOMOLLA and Mr Grégory VIONNET.

It was notable that the meeting was held freshly after four SVBG senior executives returned to Switzerland from several months’ exposure to the Vietnam’s economic excitements.  

After the two-year closure of its borders to inbound travellers due to the pandemic, Vietnam has seen since March this year an explosion of business activities.

A score of Vietnamese agro- and food producers have reached out to the SVBG as Europe-based assistance in their search of machines, technologies, partners and markets for their food production and export.

It is known that agriculture, food security and food export are among the revisioned priorities of the Vietnamese Government and many corporations against the global economic backdrop that has been repainted by the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and widespread turmoils.

To this respect, Switzerland that poses a high-tech agriculture and advanced food processing solutions represented by companies such as Nestlé and Bühler who have strong presence in Vietnam, could offer an exemplary role for the Southeast Asian country.

During the meeting at the Swiss food giant’s museum, SVBG discussed how Vietnamese food products must be improved to meet the European and Swiss standards and consumer expectations, and how SVBG can help bring the products to these markets. SVBG