SVBG exec board embraces new talented member

The Swiss-Vietnamese Business Gateway SVBG officially has from October 2023 a new executive member, Ms. NGUYEN Xuan-Huong-Mai, who will take care the Association’s daily operational work as Head of Secretariat.

Lausanne (SVBG) – Mai will work closely with the President and the Founding Committee in the decision-making and the execution of all projects and programs that SVBG initiates, leads and organizes.

Talented, charming and possessing a great deal of enthusiasm and inter-disciplinary knowledge, Mai is prepared to bring in fresh ideas, innovative solutions and greater interactions between SVBG and our target audience, members and partners.

Prior to officially joining SVBG, Mai had participated remarkably in the organization of our recent events.

“I met Mai nearly 15 years ago when both of us were in Singapore and Mai was reading Sociology at the National University (NUS). The charming, listening, easy-going yet critical thinking lady has built with me great trust, mutual understanding and many shared interests. I am so happy and proud that Mai joins me to realize the mission SVBG was born with,” said SVBG Founder and President NGUYEN Thi Thuc. SVBG