Complementary Advantages: Where Can Swiss Enterprises Capitalize on Vietnam’s Resources and Potentials?

At the business seminar introducing Vietnam as a robust and open market hosted by the Vietnam Permanent Mission in Geneva on 20 July 2021, SVBG President identified five groups of potential industries where Swiss investors can find most suitable opportunities in the country.

The seminar, titled “Vietnam: A Robust and Open Market Opportunities for Swiss Enterprises and Investors,” featured Ambassador LE Thi Tuyet Mai, Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the United Nations, the World Trade Organization and other International Organizations in Geneva , with key messages on the social-economic development in Vietnam, the excellent Vietnam-Switzerland economic ties over the last 50 years, and the favorable conditions and opportunities for Swiss investors.

Representing Swiss-Vietnamese Business Gateway, President NGUYEN Thi Thuc spoke on the complementary advantages between Switzerland and Vietnam. And based on her observations and experience from interactions with the two countries’ enterprises, she suggested 5 groups of sector most potential and relevant for Swiss Investors to explore in Vietnam. She particularly emphasized finance and banking as the most potential with abundant opportunities once Vietnamese Government improves related regulations.

Her presentation in form PDF can be found here.